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A pop up is an advertisement displayed in a new browser window. Pop up windows come in many different shapes and sizes, typically in a scaled-down browser window with only the Close, Minimize and Maximize commands.


Using this advertising model, advertiser pays for every click made to enter his site. This is one of the most common schemes of on-line advertising, which is widely used by such search engines as Google, Bing and Yahoo to advertise on the search results pages.


Banner ads are one of the oldest way to attract high volume of targeted audience with advertisers paying only for real banner impressions. The price of the banner impression is based on RTB auction.


According to the last data, about 91% of the users who are looking for goods or services via smart phones are converted.


Video ads placed on popular websites are very effective traffic source. 5-10 seconds of the video can share with you more info than any banner or pop up ad.

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We’ re an independent agency who love what we do, and have fun doing it. Our ever-growing team is a powerful mix of designers, digital marketers, developers and copywriters. Really, we’ re a team of creative and curious media strategists galvanized by an affinity for cutting-edge technology and a shared commitment to our clients’ long-term success. Each of us brings deep experience in our respective discipline and a holistic understanding of all areas of media planning and buying to every campaign. With workspaces throughout the United States, Ideads’ s highly skilled media experts are ready and able to respond quickly to client needs no matter where those clients are located.



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Acqua di Parma is a brand specializing in the sale of Italy perfumes. The task entrusted to funktional consisted in the creation of visual identification that would provide information about the company and its offer to as many consumers as possible. When developing the strategy, we prepared and implemented a consumer research methodology. We presented perfume samples and tested names. Upon analysis of results, we created visual identification. Then we prepared package designs and carried out a photo session. Our products reflect trends in the global perfume industry and meet customers’ expectations. The use of black and white stresses the elegance and style that characterize the target group of Acqua di Parma.

Our client came to us with a complex problem regarding the Maxi-Cosi brand. Cosmic chaos crept into its environment, which translated into the lack of brand awareness. In addition, the lack of emotional communication caused that Maxi-Cosi got lost among its competitors and did not raise the desired reception among its target group – demanding middle class. The strength of the Maxi-Cosi brand is primarily a modern and functional design of prams, which was not properly displayed on the website, which in itself also left much to be desired. All this disorder in the Maxi-Cosi required us to take thought-out actions based on our internal “Brand Growth” mission dedicated to large brands. We faced the challenge of developing a communication strategy that will be the foundation of the new branding. Refreshing and building a new image will make it possible to distinguish a brand on a competitive and demanding market. The fruit of our activities had to be a new website with solutions that will allow the user to easily get acquainted with the rich offer and learn as much as possible about the qualities and functionality of each product.

Patchi's mouthwatering chocolate features premium and all-natural ingredients, including the finest cocoa and fresh milk. The incredible packaging makes it even more irresistible. The company's chocolate menu features more than 50 varieties that incorporate roasted hazelnuts, pistachios, and almonds as well as orange peel and dried strawberry. The chocolate also comes in flavors like cheesecake, peanut butter, and cotton candy. They needed our help to make the brand more culturally relevant to contemporary consumers. The solution? Position Patchi as a gifting company -- the chocolatier that consumers go to for any and every occasion. In “Make happy.™” -- the brand's first national creative campaign in more than 20 years -- we celebrate the joy of gifting and the feeling of happiness that comes with bestowing a gift of Patchi chocolates to a friend or loved one.


" All I can say is WOW! The staffs are very knowledgeable and friendly. Ever since I started marketing my business through Ideads, I have had tremendous success. "


" I love all the work you have done for my company. We have been growing in leaps and bounds! Your ideas and skills are second to none. "


" The results surpassed my expectations. And I am very grateful to have the services of Ideads. "


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